Cocorí Lodge Monterrico

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Stay in our beach front hotel where we offer everything you need to make your beach trip awesome

  • Cocorí Lodge Monterrico is an adventure lodge based in a coconut tree reservoir right in front of the beach. With more than one hundred meters of beach front along the pacific coast of Guatemala, Cocorí Lodge is the best way to experience our sandy beaches in the privacy of a natural retreat. We are famous for our more than 15 in house activities, surf tours and delicious meals.
  • Room Accommodation: if your looking for a comfy experience.
  • Tent Camp Experience: stay at our flying camp and enjoy the view of the ocean from above.
  • Delicious meals: enjoy our mid day grills and wooden oven nights.
  • 15+ Activities: surf lessons, paddle boarding, ping pong, slack line, giant swings, krocket, bocce, mini ramp, turtle liberation, Monterrico nightlife, bird watching tour, volley ball, soccer, basketball and private tours.