Most constant and perfect beach break, in between of Sipacate and Juan Gaviota, Has 3 different spots in a range of 5 km

A quiet fisherman little town and that has 3 different accommodations, 2 surf camps and hotel with A/C

Guatemala has one of the biggest mangrove forests in Central America, you can take tours from this spot, and a short boat ride will take you to another perfect hollow beach break

  • Type of wave: due to the sand dunes this beach break is really hollow and constantly changing, even with lack of swell it has always waves. Fast and hollow with a lot of peaks
  • Crowd: 3 – 5 people and 5 -15 on the weekends
  • Size: 3-7 ft
  • Distance from the city: 130 km from the city
  • Tides: incoming (low to high) and outgoing (high to low)


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