What is Surfinguatemala.com?

Surf in Guatemala is a company which services are based in traveling around the best beaches in Guatemala with the purpose of enjoying, appreciating and surfing the uncrowded waves Guatemala has. With a personalized and exclusive service we will take you to the best waves of the country. Surf in Guatemala began 8 years ago with an exclusive, personalized and private service with the purpose of showing the potential Guatemalan waves and beaches have, with the objective of developing the surf tourism and helping the locals. With the knowledge and experience of Surf in Guatemala SIG is the only company who is the best in doing what they do, which is: “Take you to the perfect waves in Guatemala”.

Our team is based on young, bilingual and stoked on surfing guides, dedicated 100% on the service SIG offers. They love to surf and with the knowledge of the best waves, tides, weather, locals, points, hotels and restaurants they guarantee you will have the perfect surf trip in Guatemala.

“The best trip is when you do whatever you want” we will give you an idea, guidance, and anything you need to make the best surfing trip in Guatemala. We also offer surf classes, board rental and KOA Surf Shop.

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