Champerico surf information:

The best-left wave in Guatemala, the most distant surf town from the city

A fisherman town which was the first and most important port in Guatemala, just 3 hours away from Mexico border

It has 4 different category and prices accommodations

  • Type of wave: Beach break: short brake next to the old pier really hollow and fast.
  • LA DARSENA: Man made marina with 2 jetties which works as a left point break, hollow fast and constant, when it is working is the 2nd longest wave in Guatemala.
  • Crowd: 5 – 10 on weekdays and 10 – 20 on the weekends. Most crowded wave in Guatemala.
  • Size: 3 – 12 ft.
  • Distance from the city: 250 km
  • Tide: low tide and incoming high tide